Friday, September 4, 2009

An Author Event Not to be Missed!

You are invited!

Members of Humble Fiction Cafe' will be at Good Books in the Woods on Saturday, September 19, from 12:00-3:00 p.m. We hope you will join us for author readings, giveaways, refreshments and more. Plus, we will be signing and selling copies of our books.

Did I mention giveaways??? Hope to see you there!

Split by Humble Fiction Cafe

Come into a world of love-struck fish and super-intelligent bugs; of the ordinary and bizarre; of then and now; of this world and the next; of people you know and folks you hope never to meet. These twenty-seven original stories and poems have but one thing in common: they all show two halves of an idea, two sides of a coin. They show what happens when a concept becomes SPLIT.

Various authors will be on hand to discuss their story contributions and sign copies of the book.

Death by Dorlana Vann

Death is a two-in-one paranormal novel (Jaclyn's Ghost and Passage to Mesentia) which represent the Death Card in Tease Publication's Dark Tarot Series.

Jaclyn's Ghost: After recovering from the shock of seeing her own dead body (still dressed to kill from last night's party), fashion model Jaclyn Jade discovers she has a choice. If she finds the reason she fell short of grace, she will be able to redeem herself and go to Heaven. Since she was murdered, she hopes her killer will lead to the truth behind her fate. With the help of a psychic who can speak to the dead and the ghost of an intriguing man from the roaring twenties, her search for answers initiates a quirky journey of self-discovery. Personalities, eras, and worlds collide as the mismatched trio race to solve the mystery of Jaclyn's death.

Passage to Mesentia: Wade and Bella's lives have been turned upside down since the murder of Bella's archaeologist parents and the arrival of a mysterious stranger named Ben. They decide to form a partnership with Ben in order to search for an ancient Egyptian artifact that they hope will reveal the secret to her parents' deaths. Tension mounts when Ben's supernatural identity and romantically tragic love story begins to lure Bella towards him. Will Wade and Bella's love endure, or will Bella be drawn in by the dangerous quest and find Ben too intense to resist?

A Cup of Comfort for Dog Lovers II
HFC contributing author, Susan H. Miller

Everyone loves a good dog story. In this moving collection, readers will enjoy fifty great dog stories that will have them laughing and crying as they enjoy this tender and touching volume with their own dogs at their feet. Following the success of the original edition, readers will be thrilled with this follow-up edition. In it, they will find new stories that are just waiting to be discovered and adored—from a new puppy bringing renewed energy into his elderly owner’s home to a walk down memory lane for a visit with a dog who made her owner’s childhood an adventure. This story collection will bring love, joy, and a sense of companionship into every reader’s heart.

Pdf versions of the following are available.

Bring Me to Life by Theresa Laws

In certain places, the veil between the living world and the other side is thin, and time means nothing. Hattie has waited for seventy years to be brought to life and set the past straight. Darren fins himself a reluctant partner in her resurrection.

More Than a Lifetime by Theresa Laws

All her life, Brooke has felt out of place, unlucky with men and empty inside except for her very real fear of water. The only place she feels at home is in Old Sacramento, where her love/hate relationship with the river puzzles her.

When she meets the mysterious Evan, her mind begins to reveal images and intimate encounters that are so much more than dreams or imagination. Could they be memories? Is it possible that both she and Evan have lived before? Her journey to find the truth about herself takes her underground and back in time to a lover who has waited more than a lifetime.

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