Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Big Fat New Life

2008 has been a year of many firsts for me (like this is my first blog entry ever). In January I embarked on a journey to change several things in my life at once. While this may sound exciting, it’s actually quite exhausting. So, here are a few tips for anyone thinking of remaking his or her life.

1) Don’t – Seriously, once you start you won’t want to give up. Then you start trying to bend the laws of physics to squeeze 24 hours and 3.95 minutes out of every day. Those extra 3.95 minutes come from dividing the extra 24 hours we have this leap year by 365.

2) Make sure you have lots of support – Every hair-brained scheme needs at least one supporter to tell you that, in spite of reality, you can do it. I have like 5 or more so I’m really in trouble.

3) Overestimate your ability or underestimate the resources that it will take – I think if I really knew what it would take to accomplish the goals that I set for 2008 I probably would have kept procrastinating for many more years.

4) Be willing to fail and start over – Go big or go home is the 2008 motto. I’ve never been one to go home early so big it is.

5) Enjoy the ride – Not knowing where my changes are leading me has been the biggest adventure I’ve had in a long time. Regardless of the outcome I think I’ll learn a lot about myself. Who could ask for more than that? That, and sleep, and time.



Joy said...

I love your phrase "Go big or go home"...

Yaaaaay, Lynn...YOU CAN DO IT!!!


Gary Denton said...

Hey Lynn,

I enjoyed the sincerity of this post. I think I can speak for the majority of us here in the Humble Fiction Cafe when I say that we are very proud to be part of that new life.
Keep your head up!

Loretta said...

I liked the whole post:)...But enjoy the ride really rang true for me:) I have a CD titled that...and it's true...

Part of the song says "life's a journey not a race"...learning to enjoy the ride, and take from each moment, or learning experience what you can, helps you view all this change through new eyes.

I've done a lot of "change" too:) and it isn't always comfortable,'s been a heckuva ride!:)

BTW, I also wanted to add, I love what the group has done with the anthology...I think it's a very unique concept...