Monday, February 23, 2009

Are there any real Geeks left anymore?

The movie Fanboys opened in theaters February 6th. Now, it didn’t break any box office records; and most people have probably not even heard of it. The reason I talk about it is because the movie was made. There have been lots of movies about geeks in the past, but this one is like a celebration of all that is geekdom.

I remember when being a geek was something you tried to hide from your friends and relatives. As one that spent most of high school in the outcast protection program I remember passing others that were living a double life like me in the halls and secretly signaling to one another about Star Trek, or Quantum Leap, Comics or Japanese Anime. Yes, it was a difficult existence, but at least you could trust your fellow geeks to be authentic.

Now that fanboys has become an actual word listed in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, what does it mean? Are geeks, nerds, and the other formerly socially unaccepted finding a sort of acceptance through their ostracism? I know that this makes life easier for the younger generation of geeks that follow me; and I definitely want them to thrive and continue. But, when you get an officially recognized name in Webster’s and a Movie, is that the beginning of the end.



Vic DiGital said...

I'm planning on seeing Watchmen at the midnight showing on an IMAX screen. I think that still qualifies me for geekdom.

Gary Denton said...

Hey, who wrote the entry? I though it was Vic, but then I see his comment here so now I'm not sure.
I'd still like to know how the word "geek" came to be tagged to nerdy sci-fi folks. I think "geek" was originally a circus term for performers who did odd magic tricks.