Sunday, December 28, 2008

Another Christmas for the Books

It's December 28, and my spouse and I are recovering in separate rooms on separate floors in our home. I am sure we are reliving, each in our own special way,the events of the past week. There were the low points: Daughter #3's in-laws, who usually board said daughter and son-in-law's huge dogs have a new puppy. Puppy did not get along with dogs, so they stayed with us and our four terrified cats. We thought we handeled it well, except for one cats being up a tree for several hours (after which she disappeared for a day or so), two close encounters of the devouring kind, the dogs taking off after a stray, and the bonding experience of all the cats, their food, water and litter box sharing our room. We had two grandchildren to care for while their parents went to work the day after Christmas, and ended up having them an extra day when dad had car trouble and couldn't pick them up for the 2 hour ride back home. Daughter #2's feelings were hurt by "1 and #3's husbands, and her back was strained on Christmas day by picking up a nephew, and she required a trip to the doctor's and a day off work. #3 and her husband were upset with her in-laws,his parents. My brother sent a little boy's size 12 month outfit to the baby, who is a girl and size 18 months. A gift certificate was lost. Daughter #1, with her family, arrived late as usual and delayed gift unwrapping and eating. We cooked and did dishes unceasingly.
The high points: they were all here with us on Christmas Day. Every last child with spouse, and all seven grandchildren. We had a roof over our heads, and good food to eat. Except for the back sprain, and ear infection (#3's husband), all were healthy.I got to sing a solo at Christmas Eve Mass in our small, welcoming church. There were hours for me to hold the baby, stroke her impossibly soft skin, marvel at how perfect she is, and just breath in the joy of her.
And then, there's also the fact that I will never again want for bath salts or body lotion.
I hope everyone is having a similarly special holiday season.

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