Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ten Ways You Know a Story was Written By Me - by HFC member Dorlana

Last month I was out blog visiting and came across a post on Dr. John’s Fortress blog. I went back and tried to find the exact post, but I couldn’t, so the idea of this post is the same, but the title may be a little off. And I’m going to add a little bit. I’ve decided to play a little game of blog tag.

If you have been tagged:
1.) Write a post about ten ways you know a story was written by you on your blog.
2.) Then comment to this post with the link to your post.
3.) Tag six more blogging writers with links.

That’s it. Ok… Here are the ten ways you know a story was written by me.

1.) It was usually inspired by a fairy tale.
2.) It has a supernatural element.
3.) There is a romantic undertone.
4.) There is a lot of dialogue.
5.) Very little description is used.
6.) A tree is mentioned somewhere. (I have no idea how this happened…)
7.) Use of symbolism.
8.) Someone usually dies, or there is a death of some kind. (See #6)
9.) The humor is dry.
10.) There are several hidden references.

I’m tagging

P.S. I was tagged this week on my blog Supernatural Fairy Tales. I had to write a 6 word memoir!


Gary Denton said...

O.K. I got here first! Or maybe Dorlana just hasn't authorized anyone elses comments :)
Here is my Blog Tag post!

Tag! You're it!


Stella said...

I have one particular way of knowing I wrote a story: it's not finished yet.

Btw, I was tagged by Book Calendar with your Memoir tag and it's proving tricky :)

Dorlana said...

Gary: Great list - I think I could borrow a few from you.

Stella: I know, trying to come up with 6 words to sum up your life is quite the challenge. I can't wait to read it!

Sheryl Tuttle said...

OK - I've finally come up with my 10 item list and it's posted on my blog at

:) Sheryl

Manictastic said...

I've been thinking long and hard about this, and I've ultimately come up with -only- five traits of my work.

anna said...

I stumbled across this blog and decided to yoink your great idea.

My post is over here!