Monday, July 23, 2007

And me, I'm Bennett

I don't really know about what I should write, I am afterall a pretty boring guy. I guess I could always start with the simple, such as my name, but you all probably know that already, and if in case you don't, fear not for I am bad with names. I'm a student of SFASU, which is why I disappeared once and will vanish once again while the Texas summer is just starting to mature.

As a writer, I would have to say that I've always had entertaining imagination, being that I would often write or play out stories. This is of course was when I was but a wee lad, running a yard high with my friends in the summer heat. I remember playing with various toys, mostly Legos for those were my favorite, and acting out long drawn out stories, which to me seemed nothing short of epics. Each on of these playtime stories had a unique history and a dramatic future, while I was only along for the ride. Slowly and in the most inconspicuous ways, the urge to write and live these stories I was always creating. It seemed like the ever impending future had taken precedent. I certainly could not worry about some silly hobby when the whole world was changing because of something so simple as numbers.

I believe it was in the 7th grade that I had renewed my interest in writing. The book In the Forest of the Night, was the spark that drove the engine. It was this book that made me want to become a writer, which is kind of sad since I did not enjoy the book much. A few years, during a long car ride, I would reread the book thinking the my distaste for it must have been caused by one simple facet I had previously missed. I was dissapointed.

Anyways, to rewind just a bit, I had purchased the book and one of out schools book fairs, the kind sponsored by Scholastics and are designed to encourage apathatic youths to read. During those times I was bored with the lackluster of everday. I was probably too much of a philosopher for my own understanding to comprehend. Everyday followed the same routine and I ached to do something new, some new stories to read and watch. It is hard to say but every where I turned it seemed to be the same dull story. And life during those days was nothing more than a story being read with a monotone voice I have come to adopt. The solution to break this cycle was simple, I must create these new stories that I so desired. And so, I came to write a few things during that time, though none of it was any good, and not just because I am critical of my work. Sure those writings had the heart but lacked structure. Sure they got the creative process moving but they also challenged my ability to become a true writer.

Over the years I would write a few small things, nothing serious, just some fun experiments. Which of course brings us up to speed with the current times. During the last semester of classes I took my first creative writing class. Even though I did get to meet a few nice people and overall enjoyed the class, it did very little to actually help my writing. I guess if I want to advance I will need to take more advance classes, that seems only reasonable. When it comes to "Split," I have the one story already submitted with the possibility of another, under which I just need to file a dichotomy. For the second, I would not hold my breath. I will probably keep editing my 'for sure' story up until the deadline makes an appearance.

Anyway, here I am finishing this at about 1:30 AM, give or take a few minutes, because I could not think of what to write.

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