Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Susan Miller's Bio

The middle child of three, I was born and rasied by
wonderful parents in Columbus, Ohio.

After my dad died suddenly when I was 16, I found that
the volunteer work I was doing at a children's
hospital gave me the most comfort. This coupled with
the wish to be doing something definite for my sick
grandmother cemented my desire to become a nurse.
Over the years, this choice has deeply affected my
life. I have always said nursing has given much more
to me than I to it.

But even before then, I knew I wanted to write. I
think I was making up bedtime stories to tell my
little brother (now 6'3" tall, and a former magazine
writer/editor himself)when I was nine. A few years
later, I was typing a novel on my great aunt's old
manual. I got up to about 60 single-spaced impassioned
words before abandoning it to the new found pleasures
of the pre-teeny bopper years.

Not much writing over decades of my adult life, as I
followed my career military husband from base to base,
had children, and worked parat-time in every type of
nursing job imaginable - including being substitute
jail nurse in California!

After the children were grown up enough, I went back
to work full-time, and my writing outlets were
confined to the occasional educational offering or

But the desire never left me. And now, working only
sporatically, I have the luxury of time.

Like every other writer, putting words down on "paper"
is as natural a need as breathing.

My genre? Am I thinking today about my family, my
ancestors? Did something funny happen in my life? Is
there a memorable patient in the past begging me to
write her story?

And that's the beauty of it.

Susan Miller