Thursday, January 29, 2009

Musing along

Almost every writer I know has a muse. Most of them even know what their muse looks like. The classical figure of a man or woman in early Greek clothing is popular as are fairies. Some are more entertaining. I know one author who imagines her muse to be a tiny winged cat and another whose muse looks an awful lot like her ex husband.

Each “muse” helps their writer, more or less, in different ways. Some chat happily in their writer’s head, some argue, some sing and dance, and most of them pout. Of course few of us believe that there is really a little creature residing in our heads giving us ideas, but it shouldn’t strike anyone odd that writers anthropomorphize their muse. We are a creative lot that must work alone. The cats, dogs, and spouse tend to just stare at us uncomprehendingly when we try to talk about our ideas. We need someone to listen to our breathless prose.

Remember those commercials for some insurance company that had some little tiny people who kind of looked like the Borrowers who would cause vehicle accidents? One was a tiny woman with short pigtails sticking up off her head. She always looked so wicked. Yep, that’s her. That’s my muse. Wicked little thing. Instead of lovingly bestowing inspiration upon me, she wields it like an angry young man hiding just around the dark corner with a broken board scavenged from a construction site trash pile.

At least I don’t get a broken nose out of the encounter.

What’s your muse like?

Linda Lindsey

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anna said...

Just found this blog post and was very intrigued by your muse.

Mine is more of a dragon / dragonfly type thing, who can't really speak, and is generally chirpy and flies around. She doesn't seem to do much, actually. Maybe I should hire a new one! :)