Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A Post from the Mind of Darah....

I. [Biography]

Okie Dokie..I suppose I should start by saying that my name is Darah Vann,that's Sarah with a "d","VAN" not "VAUGHN", I'm 14 and next year I'll be in the 9Th grade. I'm a straight "A" student [with the exception of that one 89 in 7Th grade math], and was the President of the White Oak Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society. Last school year [about two weeks ago] I was a victim of bullying from someone who used to be my best friend, but I won't go into the boring details. I also learned that I had spondyloarthritis [just a milder form of arthritis that originates at the spine and affects my knees, elbows, hip, and jaw joints] on top of all the emotional was great to have this writers group during that time, because it was a place of refuge where I was accepted and not treated like the 14-year-old I am...

-ANYWAYS- I spend most of my time online playing games [such as Tradewinds:Legends [TM]]or reading. My favorite books are The Celestine Prophecy, Fun house, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, and Hideaway. I'll listen to pretty much any kind of music, except country, and I get runs on artists/bands often, with my newest obsessions being Cheyenne Kimball and Lindsey Lohan... I don't watch much TV, but I do like Law and Order [the original stuff], America's Next Top Model, and cartoons on Nickelodeon..tehe. =^..^=

II.[ Dichotomies and What-not ]

At the moment, I'm trying to find something else to contribute to the dichotomy book. So far I have a short story ["paranoia" of the set "paranoia/trusting"] and a poem ["soul" of the TRIchotomy "body/soul/spirit"]. I think me and my mom [Dorlana Vann] are going to do "cool/uncool," which ought to be, here's my poem "Soul," so you can see I'm not "all talk and no type"::

Into his soul I looked
Past the corridors of emptiness;
Down into the deepness
That no mortal dare look.

Stared straight into his eyes
So that I could really understand him.
And everything that happens within
Was obvious below his eyes.

A twisted life he held inside
He hoped no one would know
All the pain he never shows
But tucks away inside.

Though a smile on his face
There are tears he holds back
Sitting, waiting for the fact
That one day his fears he’ll have to face.

Where no mortal dare look-
Down into the deepness;
Past the corridors of emptiness-
I looked into his soul.

So yeah, unlike my mom's poems that are always structured, I just kind of made up my own [I think] where the end of the two inside lines rhyme and the ends of the outside lines are the same.... moving right along..

III.[ NaNoWriMo Plans? ]

Last year I wasn't part of our Writer's Group for the NaNoWriMo month, but this year I'm going to be, so here's what to expect for my story:

Three and a half billion years into the future, all of the continents are
again Pangaea, and are separated as the world's 4 strongest countries: Japan,
Russia, USA, and Brazil. Instead of the countries having their original names,
they are called by their element: fire, water/ice, darkness , and earth/jungle,
respectively.The inhabitants are less than human; they are mutated, and
classified as 4 different species pertaining to their country,
and 20 subspecies pertaining to their clan (5 in each
country.) They have many fighting contests as well as
being able to have "wars" for glory and gold, but not for land. Whenever
Japan breaks the rules and starts taking over Russia, their leader must
sacrifice himself to save his country. Instead of gold or glory, Japan is
shamed...The story begins when the main character, Aeribellah Pushkin, is
fighting in a contest to become the new leader.



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